Roasted Strawberry Ginger Pimm’s Jam: An experiment


So Mr. Ivriniel and I are Steampunks.  Steampunk started out as a literary genre of Science Fiction, but has expanded into cosplay and even into people’s life styles!  Jake Von Slatt of the Steampunk Workshop is a great example of someone who brings steampunk into his day to day life.

Now we’re nowhere close to the Venerable Mr. Von Slatt, but I try to bring bits and pieces into my workaday life, especially when it comes to the kitchen.  Steampunk Cookery is a great blog to go to for inspiration.  The author of that blog, Aaron, is a trained chef, who delights in digging up old recipes and modernizing them.

For me, Steampunk in the kitchen includes canning and preserving the way people in the Victorian era would have.  With the addition of the Pimm’s liqueur, an ingredient first made 1823, this jam recipe feels steampunk to me.  I could totally see serving this up as part of an afternoon tea with scones, or in jam-filled cookies or tarts.  Sadly, as you can see, all I had at the moment to eat it with was some Premium Plus crackers, but it was not bad that way, either.

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